Erle Kont (1995) is an Estonian classical clarinettist residing in Helsinki. Kont feels at home in music from classical era to contemporary music, enjoys free improvisation and collaboration between different art forms. Many concert engagements as a soloist and chamber musician keep her busy on top of being the founder and artistic director of the TaHe (Tartu Sound) Contemporary Music Organisation. Kont has won prizes both as a clarinetist and a conductor and has performed as a soloist with many Estonian orchestras. 

Kont is currently studying classical music interpretation in University of The Arts Helsinki Sibelius Academy with maestro Kari Kriikku. Kont started her clarinet studies in 2005 in Tartu, Estonia with Tiit Veigel and later continued with clarinettist Tõnu Kalm. In 2014 she went to Sibelius Academy, where she studied two years with professor Harri Mäki and continued her studies with clarinettist Kari Kriikku.

Kont is a prize winner of 14 national and international competitions. She has been a finalist in Chieri (Italy) clarinet competition (2015) and Czech Clarinet Art (2015), winner of international Eduard Medinš competition (2010) and winner of Bohuslav Martinu and Viktor Kalabis’s competitions in ISA summer academy (2015). She has won the national clarinet competition (2009, 2011) and David Otto Wirkhaus competition for woodwinds (2007-2009) among other competitions.

Kont has performed as a soloist with many orchestras including Sibelius Academy Kapubändi, Estonian Music Teachers Symphony Orchestra, Tartu University Symphony Orchestra, Heino Eller Music School Symphony Orchestra, Tartu 1st Music School Symphony Orchestra, Tamme Wind Orchestra and also with Tartu Horn Ensemble and Elva Clarinet Ensemble.

In January 2017 Kont founded a contemporary music organisation TaHe (Tartu Sound), which promotes Estonian composers music and has a special emphasis on supporting young promising composers and musicians through organising concerts of their music. Kont has premiered pieces from such new generation composers as Marta-Liisa Talvet, Kaisa Kuslapuu, Anni Avi, Gerta Raidma, Saimi-Ester Kortelainen, Algis Pauljukaitis and Marili Tomingas.

Interested in various things, Kont has also studied conducting with such teachers as Toomas Vavilov, Jorma Panula, Atso Almila, Olli Vartiainen, Tõnu Kalm, Kornilios Michailidis and James Salomon Kahane. Kont has conducted Sibelius Academy Orchestra Kapubändi, Sibelius Academy exam orchestra, Tallinn Firefighters Wind Orchestra, Tamme Wind Orchestra, Elva Clarinet Orchestra and through different collaboration projects also Lihula Music and Art School Orchestra and Wind Orchestra Nissi Trollid.